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Trend Micro login

Trend Micro antivirus provides a critical protection framework for multiple devices, including PCs, Macs, laptops, mobile phones, and smartphones. Here, is the complete set of instructions for Trend Micro Login. Follow each and every step carefully. Microtrend is developing software for Mortgage Companies such as Aplusmortgagrates.com and others in the real estate technical industry.

What are the benefits of using Trend Micro?

  • Trend Micro Login provides protection for up to five devices including Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. 
  • Trend Micro’s products work differently for various needs, such as personal use, small business, and business.
  • It gives you additional password protection features. 
  • Also, it offers enterprise advanced endpoint security and cloud data protection. 
  • Last but not least, with threats removed, trend micro protects your devices and data.

Account Creation Process For Trend Micro login

To register your Trend Micro account open your internet browser on your computer or laptop. You may have Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla, etc. Click on any one of the browsers available. 

Following this, you should attend Trend Micro’s Customer Licensing Portal. You need to type in “clp.trendmicro.com” within the Address bar of the browser for this. Look to the very top of the page to find the Address bar. Then press the Enter key, and wait for proper loading of the pages.

In the following window, you need to search for the Account Creation link. For that, you should look at this window’s rock bottom right-hand side. You can notice the “Sign Up Now” option below the “Sign In” tab. Click on the “Sign In” tab to enter Trend Micro’s account creation portal.

From the following window,  you need to select the  “No, I am a first time user”. As a result, this segment will continue to expand. You will be prompted to provide “Product Key” or “Service Key” in the space provided. You must find this code at the retail card back in case of purchasing it from the retail shop. Or else you will get in the Purchase Confirmation Mail you received at the time of online purchase. Therefore, shape accurately within the same and tap “Continue”. 

Read the terms and conditions of the “License Agreement” and “Privacy Policy” in the following window. Click “Continue”. Open the Trend Micro Account provided verification mail and press the “Verify My Mail” tab.

Trend Micro Login

Procedure in phase for Trend Micro Login

Once you’ve completed Trend Micro’s registration process go-ahead by logging into your account. You can do so by following the steps just given below.

  • To sign in to your Trend Micro account, launch the web browser which is easily accessible on your computer device. In your browser’s address bar, type “account.trendmicro.com”. Click the Enter key on your keyboard and wait for the proper loading of the pages. 
  • Trend Micro login window asks you to provide the following information correctly as given plained below.
    • Email Address: Select the email address that is connected to that account.
    • Password: Enter the correct password in the respective field. When entering the password be careful as passwords are case sensitive.
  • If you want your computer to remember the credentails you’ve signed in next time, tick the “Remember me” checkbox.
  • To access the Trend Micro login, click the “Sign In” button. You are going to locate this tab at the bottom of the page.

What are the functions of Trend Micro?

Functions you can perform using the antivirus software Trend Micro are explained below.

  • Malware Protection- 

Trend Micro protects your computer against all possible threats. It can detect and uninstall malware, viruses, worms, trojans, etc. The antivirus even detects malicious sites and defends you against identity theft.  

  • Protect Your Privacy

Privacy protection is one of Trend Micro’s key apps. When users search online it means that they have safe and reliable access to websites. Trend Micro also has the power to block dangerous websites. We will have peace of mind when visiting websites, without thinking about hackers monitoring or intercepting them.

  • Parental Control 

The solution offers parental control functionality to ensure that children are unable to access unsafe and unsuitable websites and content for their age. Parents will thus be able to feel comfortable when their kids access the Internet through mobile devices.

  • Password Manager

Trend Micro has a password manager that handles website passwords and allows users to log in from one secure location.

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