Working out at home this is how to keep it up

Working out at home? How to keep it up!

Not a gym type. Then just exercise at home. However, you will have to follow some rules if you want to exercise every time.

But How Do You Keep It Up Work out at home Good full and stay motivated?

Exercising at Home: Find What Suits You

You can find a lot of apps to Exercise at Home. Apps with Abdominal Exercises, Squat Challenges, Strength Training and More. Yet It is Difficult to Keep Up These Activities. Do You Really Want To Sweat? Kayla Itsines' Bikini Body Guide Might Just Be For You..

This is a 24-week program.

Is working out at home your thing then this might be what suits you.

How do you keep it up?

But how do you keep working out at home and stay motivated??

Put it in your diary

Plan your sport moments. If you Don't, Nothing Will Happen. Just Remember: Planning is planning.

So even if something come up, the appointment with your sneakers is on, so everything else's will have to wait.

Because Jethuis Plays Sports It is Much Easier to Plan. No need to go to the gym, you're already there!

Turn Off your Phone

When you Exercise, Turn Off your Phone (or at Least the Sound) for a while. So you are not distracted by every new message you recurrent.

Good shoes

Make Sure You Wear Comfortable Clothes. Sports Clothes Should – Even if you are porting at home-do fit well, think of a well-fitting sports bra, llight clothing and eSpeciate good shoes. So don't skim on this.


Make Sure You Put On Nice Music. Music to Whip Up Your Movements.


You Really Don't Have To Have Expective Equipment to use It. Use An Old Camping Mat for Floor Exercises or a Tower. A Chair Is Your Bench And If You Don't Have Any Weights, Fill Two Water Bottles With Sand And Make Your Own Weights.

And would you like professional fitness equipment. Then look here for Products

Make Progression Pictures

The Scale Doesn't Always Go down immediately when you start exercising. So Take A Picture Every Five Week. A Photo Tasks From The Front And From The Side Often Show More Progress Than The Scale.

Eat Healthy

How a Shame it is, if you start Eating Wrong After Exercising at Home. Or Eating Too Little. After exercising you absolutely have to eat, you have burned carbohydrates and fats and if you have leg doing training, then you can eat the protein again ‘ to '.

Eat Carbs Found in Fruit, Granola with Milk/Yogurt Or Whole Wheat Bread.

Do you have any tips for exercising at home, or exercising in general? Let me know them and I will add this list, with reference to your website of course!

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