Tamaris Shoes -Like Walking On Pads

Tamaris Shoes-Like Walking on Pillows

Tamaris, The Cutest Shoes. Buy A Pair and You Won Want Anything Else Any Time Soon. There is a huge selection of the nicest heels, shoes, boots and slippers.

High Heels Are Possible Again

High heels! The Higher the Better. Does this count for you too?

Do You Love Boots With Heels, Pumps, Ankle Boots, As Long As They Have Heels?? There is so much choice in Beautiful Boots these days, no matter what color you are looking for, what child of heels or fabric, there is something for everyone.

Going to the Shoe Store

Do You Buy Your Shoes At The Store? Or do you do it online? When Your Feet Stop Growing You Can Easily Buy Your Shoes Online. Still, Poking Around in a Store is not a bad idea either.

This is also how I ended up at Tamaris. I was looking for black heels, well, start here! Plenty of choice.

Like walking on pillows

These black heels from Tamaris are so beautiful because the black color continues throughout the shoe. The hooks are a good height and thickness, good to walk on. The inside of the shoes are super soft. Like walking on pillows.

This means you can walk on them all day long. I have had them for several months now, wear them often and they still look great. Also the fit remains good, the shoes have not become wider over the months.

I thought the price ( €49.95) was fine considering the quality.

In the webshop

Curious about the collection, I also went online to see what other shoes Tamaris has and came across my own shoes, as well as more cute models and colors. They have something for everyone and after these black heels I later bought slippers, these I also wear for a long time and walk just like these heels very nicely. Also in the slipper snebje the idea that you walk on pillows.

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