Combining suede sandals with bohemian style

Combining suede sandals with bohemian style

Summer days call for sandals. But aren’t sandals old fashioned? Absolutely not, the sandal is totally back. And how!

That’s why I show you how to combine suede sandals with the bohemian style. Not only are they beautiful, they walk perfectly too. I say sandals for everyone!

Sandals, who still wears them

Where sandals used to have a somewhat stuffy image, that image has completely disappeared with today’s sandals. Check out sandals from brands like Bibi-Lou or the collection from Shabbies. Sandals are great shoes to walk in the summer. And besides looking cute, they have a huge advantage over slippers or pumps, for example.

They are so comfortable that you can wear them all day long.

Combination suede sandals

I like to wear my sandals with floaty skirts or maxi dresses and chose suede sandals at Omoda that are perfect for combining with the bohemian style. Suede sandals by NOTRE-V. The Elegant Italian Designs of the Notre-V Brand Are For The Woman Who Wants To Look Chic. The sandals are made of luxurious materials with subtle accents.

NOTRE-V has many more beautiful sandals in different colors and styles.

How to wear

The bohemian lifestyle fits me like a glove. I love the artistic, the cheerful, the colorful. Love adventure and nature and living my own life. I try to be and express myself and that includes bohemian clothes. Like many, I prefer to wear my favorite shoes every day.

That’s where these suede sandals come in, because they can also be worn every day, with any combination. Now I haven’t had sandals for a long time and was looking for summer shoes that are chic, fit perfectly with the bohemian style, but also shoes that are comfortable so I can walk on them all day long.

Out and about all day without aching feet.

I chose these suede sandals first of course for the look. It is a Beautiful Cognac Colored Sandal, Executed with Narrow, Braided Straps of Suede. The sandals have a gold-tone zipper on the closed back and a rounded nose. I also chose this sandal for its comfortable heel height of 6 inches.

This makes this sandal suitable for every day. Combine these shoes with a nice dress or jeans. But they also fit the bohemian style I love so much.

But how to combine them:

Pair these beautiful suede sandals with a bright maxi skirt or dress. Because of the cognac color of the shoes, they go with every color, even if you -like me- choose for many colors and prints.

How to Wear: Suede sandals combining bohemian style How to Wear: Suede sandals combined with bohemian style How to Wear: Combining suede sandals with bohemian style

These shoes also look very chic with pants.

Every day shoes

That I am happy and satisfied with my new shoes is obvious. The Advantage of these Suede Sandals is that the light cognac color makes them match everyfit in my closet. I love the model. This one is chic and playful.

The wide heel and the height of the heel make the sandals comfortable and I can keep walking in these all day long. I hardly wear anything else and that is what makes a shoe a good shoe for me. Are you already on the sandals?

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