Renovation at your house for more space

Renovation of your house for more space

Many people are currently working on a renovation or have it done. Maybe you also think about one renovation of your house or a move. Finally, we now realize more than ever that extra space in the house is desirable.

A renovation or relocation

You hear it a lot around you, people who plan a renovation or even have an idea to move. However, to move you need a nice pot of gold and you want to view a house then you can connect in the back of the row. That is why a renovation of your house to make it bigger may not be a bad idea at all.

What is the reason we grow en masse?

Why do we currently see so many people who have renovations done to their house? Is it because people are tired of their house because of the many work from home? It is because we have money left because we can leave so little at the moment or are there other reasons?

Renovation of your house to get more space

In view of the future and the possibility of working more at home, people will be primarily aimed at having a renovation on their house, where the house will increase. This way you can create extra space for, for example, a home workplace. A good tip is to choose a dormer window.

Why a dormer window?

A dormer window is an easy and fast way to create extra space in the house. You can make your attic bigger, you can make an extra room and provide more light raid in your house.

What can you pay attention to when purchasing a dormer window

Do you want to start a renovation of your house and think of a dormer window, what can you take into account?

  1. Choose your budget first. How much money do you need for a renovation, what can a dormer window cost and how much do you have to spend?
  2. If you know your budget you can look further. What kind of dormer window do you want? Are you going for a prefab dormer window or let them make one tailor -made.
  3. Look at the material. For example, wood is cheaper than plastic .
  4. Choose the windows you want in the dormer window?
  5. Check whether you should request a permit before you can have a dormer window installed.
  6. Keep in mind that not only the outside but also the inside must be finished. Do you do this yourself? Or let this do this?
  7. Also look at extra costs such as a HOR in front of the window or a roller shutter.

Depending what you choose, it can be placed in a day (prefab) or several days. You can also have the finish on the inside side done or get started yourself. Read you carefully and be aware of what needs to be done.

No budget to renovate, but you want something different?

If you don’t have a budget for a renovation at your house, you can of course give your house a new look with small adjustments.

  1. A lick of paint can also do a lot to your home.
  2. Do you live small? In this article I give tips on how to make your house look optically bigger.
  3. Buy new accessories for your living room. New things gives a whole new look.
  4. Put plants in the house, this immediately gives a completely different atmosphere.

More space in the house, you can read in

In view of the future, placing a dormer window is certainly not a superfluous luxury, think of the extra space that you can create in the house. Before you start a renovation of your house, read carefully, read these tips and view your budget. If you can’t figure it out yourself, ask for help looking at your finances.

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