Tip which series on on demand are horth watching

Tip: which series are on demand are horth watching?

We don't have Netflix, but we do watch a lot of series via On Demand. Besides Good Movies, they have a great selection of series and we eSpecial Like to Watch the Swedish Thrillers That Are Aired. I listed my favorite series.

Watching On Demand


Together with the Husband I Like to Watch Series on Television. ’ at night when the boys are in bed we turn on the television and then of search on demand. Favorite are swedish thrillers. Series Like the Bridge and the Killing, Were Kind of the Beginning of this, But Nowadays there are so many more.

Also we are discovered a super good american series and a spanish drama.

We like to be able to watch this series back to back, so that we are well into the story and can watch a few episodes every night.

Exciting series

On Television itself are also good series. Especialally on the Dutch and Belgian Channels. I or record them so i can see them one after the other.

However, I have a few times now that one or two episodes were not on. So Bales! That's the advantage of on demand.

The Episodes Are Always on Here.

My Favorite Series

But what are my favorite series? What series have we watched recent and what are we watching right now:

The Brave

Not a Swedish Thriller, But Something Completely Different, That's the Brave. The Brave is an American Military Drama Series that shows the Missions of An Elite Secret Operations Team of the Defense Intelligence Agency, Similar to that of the Special Operations Group of the Cia. This is really a and super exciting series, Showing How the Dia Works.

Or course in a nice jacket. Too bad it ended up being a series, because it had leg up to me this would have definitely leg allowed a sequel. When you turn on on demand, The Brave Still Appears As One of the First Series on Screen.

The Pier

I Don't Easily Watch Spanish-Language Series, However, My Father Told Me About The Pier. The Pier is a Spanish Romantic thriller. It is the Story of a Successful Architect Alexandra, Who is Faced with Her Worst Nightmare when she has to come and identify the Body of Her Husband Oscar.

He was found on a pier in Spain's Albufeira Countryside Outside Valencia. Did He Commit Suicide? Just Hours Before His Death, The Couple was Still Making Plans for Their Future.

But it gets worse: Oscar Turns Out To Have Been Leading A Double Life With Another Woman Named Veronica.

Spring Flood

A Swedish Thriller That Is Exciting Right From Episode One. Spring Flood Revolves Around Olivia Rönning, A Young Detective in Training, WHO is Given A Cold Case Exercise at School. She must look at an unsolved “ Beach Murder ” From 1990 in Modern Times.

When she discovers that her late father worked on the “ Beach Murder ” Olivia Becomes Obsessed with the Case.

Determined to solve the case, She Goes in Search of Tom Stilton, The Police Chief Who Led The Investigation 25 Years Ago. This one turns out to be living a homeless existence these days and he has little desire to help olivia.

After part one, we were soon able to watch part 2 on demand as well. Part Two is really a sequel, with the same protagonists and the story continuing. This series starts off right away with a murder in Stockholm of Customs Officer Bengt Sahlmann, Staged as a suicide, which turns out to be connected to the murder of a blind woman in Marseilles.

Olivia Rönning is back from Mexico and Gets Involved by Chance.

She takes a very different approach from the team she was working on and ends up on the trail of the killer.


The latest series We are currently watching on demand is Another Swedish Series, Worth Watching Just for the Beautiful images of Snow Mountains and Forests. Modus is about Inger Johanne Vik, Mother of Two Daughters After A Career With The Swedish Police And As A Profiler with the FBI, She Has Decided She No Longer Wants To Pursue Criminals. She Works in Sweden in Academia and Has Written A Book.

The Story Begins When Inge's daughter Witnesses A Murder. And then it begins.

The First Episode Starts Out A Little Tentative, As Far As Swedish Series Go, But by the End of the First Episode, You're Totally Into the Story and Want to Watch More.

We have yet to finish part one, but to my delight i saw that there is already a part 2 as well.

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