Crazy games for kids

Great games for kids

This weekend Fulltime Mama was invited to visit the Spellenspektakel in Eindhoven. What a fun day that was. We discovered great games for kids.

The little man tried everything to his heart’s content and amazed us once again. I show you what we found the best of the Spellenspektakel.

Games Spectacle

The Spellenspektakel is a fair entirely focused on games. Every year this spectacle takes place in the Beursgebouw in Eindhoven. From board games to strategy games, from mind games to card games, you can find everything for young and old.

All game publishers were present and we discovered several new games and extensions to existing games. We were amazed. I am not much of a games person myself’but this even got me excited. The games were presented, you could try everything out, there was even a possibility to buy second-hand games and for the little kids there was a real Kids Square.

We enjoyed it immensely.

Awesome games for kids

Our little man loves playing games. We have a full drawer ourselves but at grandpa and grandma’s he often plays games as well. Mister is quite familiar with game rules and already knows quite a lot of games.

So the challenge was to find new games that appeal to yet another area of development. Well, they did. Below I show a few of these fun games.

Smart Games Color Code

Pretty soon we came across the booth of Smart Games. They mainly develop real thinking games for young and old alike. Games that you can do well alone and which can be real brain teasers. At home we already have some games from here for adults. The booth immediately invited us to try out all the games.

The little man ran straight to the Color Code game and sat down. In Color Code the idea is to recreate the figures in a booklet by combining shapes. You can compare it with tangram. The game is suitable for ages five and up so I was surprised that our three-year-old toddler did so well with it. In the booklet the figures are indicated within different levels.

So you can try to make increasingly difficult figures. I really enjoyed it and we took this game home with us. You can buy Color Code for example at for €23.90,-.

Smart Games Three Little Pigs

Another fun game from the stable of Smart Games is Three Little Pigs. This is a game for children ages 3 and up and was voted game of the year in 2015. In the photo our little guy is playing with a big wooden demonstrator version.

The game itself is made of plastic and comes in a handy box. In this game the three little pigs play outside until the big bad wolf shows up. The piglets have to take shelter in their houses.

It’s up to the kids to put the houses in such a way that the wolf stays outside. A real brain teaser for young children. Again, this comes with a booklet that you can use to increase the level of difficulty. This game is on our wish list for December.

You buy this game among others at for €24.99,-.

crazy games for kids

Identity Magformers

We got into an argument about toys at the Spellenspektakel. It was about the new 3d construction toy Magformers. Very nice magnetic building material with which you can make all kinds of things. From balls to animals and from bridges to houses. The little guy was busy at a table playing with these toys and secretly mommy and daddy wanted so too.

We also wanted to find out how this worked and if we could make a ball out of it. However, the toddler did not like that at all. Apparently, he liked Magformers so much that we were especially not allowed to touch them.

Well, it was clear haha. You can buy this super fun construction toy at bol (among others).com.

Great games for kids

What else we did

We had a great time playing various games but we also had fun doing crafts on the playground. Here you could make anything from old games and game parts. Bigger kids were pasting flower pots or picture frames with pawns and puzzle pieces, among other things. Our little man especially liked splotching glue on paper and sticking dolls and puzzle pieces on top of it.

Also nice.
We played with Mölkky, a throwing game with pawns and built a marble track. We also played at the nursery where I could give the little lady a bottle. That was ideal.

crazy games for kids

Once at home we did it all over again with the puzzles from the goodie bag. All visitors got these as long as supplies lasted. Very nice because we all got one and so we also received three different puzzles.

They also tried out a mini Knex pack. Really a tinkering job, so only suitable for children 6 years or older, but fun to explore. I Say; Next year again!

Crazy Games for Kids

Do You Play Many Games At Home?

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