Stop Defending and Enjoy

Stop Defending and Enjoy

When I Told A Few Years Ago that I would stop working I Got a lot of comments about it. Negative comments. Well I am QUITE SENSITIVE TO THIS.

That I stopped working because the boys needed care, I waved away and I kept on keeping on defend.


Regret Defending

By Starting A Study, I Could Afford For Myself to Say I Was a Stay-At-Home Mom and Could Defend Myself by Saying I Did Work From Home. With Hindsight I Have Regrets. Not from the courses I Tok, because they were extremely interesting, but for the reason I did this this.

Besides the fact that the reason was not good, the studies also Tok up a lot of time.

Time I Could Have Spent Better On My Children. And why I did it anyway? I have to stop letting myself be influenced by What Others Think.

Being a full-time mother suits me fine. I have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to defend.


I was not a real career tiger. If i was, I would never have chosen care. STILL, I Wanted to Learn and Did An Additional Two Years of Study To Become A Manager at the Age Of 30.

I got my diploma when I was about 20 weeks pregnant. And I applied for a job when I was already on maternity leave.

Also just after the birth of son Number Two I was awarded a diploma from an internal study I had done in the hospital. I never had the intention to stop working and was completely content with my three days. AltheHe it did start to itch more and more.

Taking Care of the Children

Taking Care of the Boys (They Both Have Chronic Illnesses) And The Problems With The Host Parents Made Me Wonder If This Was All There Was To It To It. Together with my husband we then decided to take a year's sabbatical. We Both Resigned.

Went Traveling for 7 Months And Duration That Trip We Found Out That When There Was Peace In The Family, It was Much Better For The Boys and Their Health.

Back In The Netherlands, My Husband Quickly Got Another Job and I Decided to Become a Stay-At-Home Mom.

Studying, but for whom

Already Duration the Trip I decided to study. In Hindsight I Regret This. Not from the study itself, because I now work as a weight consultant and althegh the competition is very high, we as a family alone have benefited tremendously from this this.

Still I Regret Why I Did This. I was going to do a home study because I could say to Others; ‘ Yes I am a Stay-at-Home Mom, But I Am Studying to Be A Weight Consultant Hear ’. Always Defending Myself.

Rise Above IT

Of course I should have leg above the looks, comments and more. What do I Care About Other People! But Yes, I am very sensitive to this and let Others make me suffer.

Why Should I Be Ashaed Of Being A Stay-At-Home Mom?? And Why Should I Defend Myself? The Time I Spent Studying would Have Been Much Better Spent With My Children.

That's something I regret afterwards.

Defending Myelf, I Don ’T Do It Anymore

Defending Myself. I don't do it anymore. I am happy in my position as a stay-at-home and realize every day what a luck I am to be able to be this.

And know that a lot of women don't have to think about it, and thankful, it would be good if we were all the same. Other Mothers Consider Themselves Better Mothers When they work.

And that's their right.


Well I'm Getting Busier Thesis Days. When the boys are at school, I do a lot of blogging in addition to housework. Blogging is starting to play an increasingly prominent role in my life and it is so much fun to be able to turn my hobby or writing into my job.

However, Between Twelve and One and After Three O'clock I Am the Mother.

I'm ready with tea and cookies at three o'clock. Delightful downy. The Boys Are Doing Well, Their Health is good.

Every day they get their care and I have all the time for that. As a Family We Are Happy and I would sign for that. No matter what anyone else's i don't defend myelf anymore.

Do you also Let yourself be influenced by What Others Say? Or are you strong in your shoes and you don't have to defend yourself?

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