For younger children- reading with miffy

For younger children – reading with Miffy

Even for younger children, it is now inconvenient that they sit at home all day and have to entertain themselves once in a while. Miffy has lots of great books for this. And reading with miffy is not only fun, playfully they can also learn new things.

Reading fun for younger children

Many parents are currently at home with their children. And sometimes it can be quite a challenge to entertain everyone. While big brothers and sisters are busy with their schoolwork, the little ones need something to do too.

Miffy likes to list some tips for these little ones.

Enjoy reading with miffy

There are many Miffy books with which young children can playfully learn new things, ideal for now, but also for afterwards. Reading with miffy is fun and educational. The books below are for younger children:

  • Miffy practices series: The series ‘miffy exercises’ was developed in cooperation with speech therapists to stimulate learning new words and practicing pronunciation in a fun way. In this series both books and practice cards are available. Here you can find more information about the Miffy exercises series. The books 'miffy practices verbs' and 'miffy practices difficult words' are available at a special promotional price through June. (ISBN 9789056476878 and ISBN 9789056476373, €5.95).
  • miffy chalk book: Color the pictures, finish the drawing and practice shapes. Make words or names with the letters on the alphabet page and copy the letters. The book works just like a blackboard: the pages are easy to wipe clean.
  • miffy's first counting book:Count from one to ten and back again. On each page the number is written as a number, as an English word and as a Dutch word. Also available in this series is an English-Dutch ABC book.
  • miffy looks for the animals:Using the sliders in this book, two of the same animals can be found together. A fun way to train short-term memory and playfully learn more about animals. 

Online play and learning with miffy

On the site of miffy.en children can watch movies from the miffy series, listen to stories, do puzzles, color and play all kinds of games. Train memory with memory or learn about large and small objects.

Exercise at home

Lots and variety of exercise is not only fun for children, but also important. Miffy, in cooperation with the Royal Dutch Gymnastics Union, has developed more than 20 exercise tips for children from 1 to 5 years of age. The tips can be found here.

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