What a baby does but you shouldn’t

What a baby does but you are not allowed!

There are things babies do that are perfectly normal or tolerated. A baby still has to learn everything, is mostly very cute and so just gets away with everything. Of those things that baby won't be allowed when she grows up. And especially those things you don't may.

Or actually things it would be very strange if you still did them as an adult.

What a baby does but you are not allowed to do!

Actually it's wonderful to be a baby. You are at your beck and call, can do anything, have little control over yourself and have nothing to worry about. It seems ideal to me.

I wrote once about what it would be like if I behaved like a toddler for a day. That would be pretty weird. However, there are also lots of things that babies’re doing that we think are totally okay, which would be very strange if we were still doing them as adults.

I made a list.

What your baby does but you as an adult shouldn't do

  • Pooping in the bath. Yes, babies do. Not all of them, but for some babies’s the warm water has a laxative effect. Unfortunately mom is always the one to clean up this scene. Ever tried to take a floating wet turd without getting your hands dirty?? Right.. If you did that, I suspect you would jump out of the tub screaming. A baby doesn't care at all.
  • Wipe your snot on any shirt. While cuddling with my baby, Mrs. effortlessly smears her snot bubbles on my clean shirt. Because tissues are soooo 2015. I think it would not be appreciated if I tried that on the husband.
  • Screaming in the supermarket. Why? Because you are tired, you have a dirty diaper, you are hungry or just because you are testing your vocal cords. I can already see myself in the vegetable department, screaming loudly, just because I can.
  • Burping unabashedly and being praised for it. All babies’s drink milk and milk makes you burp. You get cuddled too and if you are successful you even get a compliment. I do not have the impression that I get that when I sit at the table full burping.
  • Farting in public. Well, baby’s feel no embarrassment and if your tummy is bothering you just let it sizzle. At home, in bed, at the consultation center, on a visit and in a quiet waiting room at the doctor's office. Basically everywhere. I would be embarrassed if it happened to me in the checkout line.

Are there things babies’re doing that you would like to do?

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