Big Heart Foundation For a day forgetting about being sick (RTL 7 Pre Prologue)

Big Heart Foundation: Just a Day to Forget About Being Sick (RTL 7 Pre -Prologue)

Being (Chronically) Ill is no fun. And Sometimes it is so nice when you can forget being sick for a day. Our sons are chronicular ill and were tasks by Big Heart Foundation Invited to Be Present at the RTL 7 Pre Prologue Event in Valkenswaard.

Because they are allowed to forget that they are sick for a while. And a day Enjoying Speed, Motorcycles, Cars ’ S, Mud and Dakar Riders.

Chronically Ill

‘ Being Sick is no fun &#8217 ;; Says the eldest here, ‘ but that we get to experience these days it a little less bad ’. And so it is. In The Past The Boys Have Both Experience A “Opkikker” Day and Flown with the Highflyers. Days That Leave So Much Impression On Children and Their Parents.

That is indescribable.

Big Heart Foundation

And then the Boys Were Invited by Stichting Groot Hart. Big Heart gives children living with a heart defect, serious or chronic illness an unforgettable day of racing. This day was during the RTLPreProloog in Valkenswaard.

Here took place the 14th edition of the RTL GP Pre-prologue on the Eurocircuit. At the Eurocircuit, many of the vehicles that will take part in the Dakar Rally in January were on display for the first time. Here we could enjoy the cars’s engines and trucks and all that goes with it.

Want to know everything about the Dakar Rally, you can find it here

Pit lane visit and picture with all the cars

It was really a day of celebration for the boys. After receiving them both received a t-shirt from the Big Heart Foundation and we were introduced to the volunteer who would take care of us‘this day’. And they took care of that.

She made sure that we lacked nothing all day long. After a welcome word from Rob kamphues (Grand Heart initiator and driver) we walked around the Eurocircuit, where we were allowed to go through the pit lane, have our picture taken with Lewis Hamilton’s Formula 1 car, see Dakar cars driving around the track and have our picture taken with Dakar trucks.

RTL 7 Pre Prologue

Then the boys were given racing lessons by Rob Kamphues, Tom Coronel and Allart Kalff and were allowed to ride along with Rob in a Dakar Buggy. This was so cool! The racing was really beyond their imagination, how cool they thought it was and how fast they went.

On the photo

Then they all had their picture taken with all the cars’s, drivers, motorcycles and trucks that will participate in the Dakar Rally from January. The boys -and we- had a great day and I want to thank the Big Heart Foundation (and all the volunteers) for this great day.

’the beast’ the car of the Coronel brothers from January 6, 2018 to be seen in the Dakar Rally

For more information about Big Heart Foundation, take a look at the site

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