Workout at Home with a Fitness Ball TRX Or Home Trainer

Work out at home with a fitness ball, TRX or Home Trainer

My House Looks Like A Fitness Center. For years I've Been Working Out at Home, But Always Left the Fitness Gear Upstairs in the Bedroom. However now that I am rehabbing, my living room is completely full of fitness equipment.

I find it iDeal that I can just rehab at home and hope to be able to use this stuff again in sports in a while. What I've Collected about Time and what I use a lot now, that's what Today is about.


Physical therapy

I wrote Been Walking around with Knee Probles for More Than Six Months. I was just too stubborn to seek help. With all its consequences.

Because now the rehabilitation period is estimated to be at least six months.

By continuing to run and exercise I made the symptoms worse. Of course I hate that. But Anyway, there is Nothing More I Can Do About It.

The Physiotherapist Gives Me Exercises to Take Home With Me, to First Let the Chronic Pain Diminish.

I'm not allowed to do much and it has to be leisurely, but i'm already happy to just get busy again. When I am At The Physiotherapist's I Can Use The Space And Equipment There. Now I'm not a fitness room person, so I bought some and can now exercise very well at home.

Exercise Bike

Years ago we bought an exercise bike so we could do something with our fitness in the winter. This Exercise Bike was in the bedroom and was used more as a coat rack than by us. Now that I have to cycle three times a day, we put it downstairs in the living room and I exercise fanatically.

I really like the fact that I can turn on the television when I go cycling, because otherwise i would fall aslep on that thing.

Fitness ball

Duration Physical Therapy I had to sit on a fitness ball and keep balance. I Could Not Do this. I Couldn't Sit Still And Train My Legs In The MeeanMe.

Because i mentioned that I have a fitness ball at home, the physiotherapist advises me to practice with it. Once I Bought a Ball at Kruidvat for a Few Euros.

When I Picked This One Up It Turned Out To Be Way Too Small (I Think 55 cm). Since I actual needed one, I decided to buy a new one. But then a fitness ball or 75 cm.

Work out

The next day I already had the fitness ball in the house and after an inflating session, which was a workout in Itself, I Could Imediately Start Training and Practicing To Keep My Balance. Which is not just that easy. The Fitness Ball And Exercise Bike Are Downstairs Now.

And so they are put to good use.

Then the Physiotherapist Taught Me To Do Exercises with the TRX. She advised me to get these for home use as well, so I can keep practicing. I bought this one at decathlon and it's super easy to hang on the stairs.

So everything day I have a whole course of exercises that I do just to rehab.

After Rehab

It has leg said that rehabilitation will take a long time. Still, I Hope That After The Rehabilitation Period, I Can Make Even use of the Fitness Ball and TRX. The Fitness Ball is Great For Training The Back, Legs And Chest Muscles.

And just though i can't do all that now, after rehab I'm just going to use all this more.

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