Putting Structure in Your Day

Structure Your Day – Tips

Structure in your day is important. Now Maybe Completely. Structure Makes It Easier To Do What You Need To Do.

It gives less stress and gives overview and balance in your day. But How to Create Structure at Home?

Structure in your days

This Morning I Spoke To A Mother I Know From School, Outside by The Store, 5 Feet Away. We talked about how just thought we’re home all day, we don’t feel like we’re getting anywhere. The structure in the day is a bit lost and although I have days when I feel like I’m super productive, there are also days when nothing comes out of my hands at all and I’m a bit out of control.

Overview and Balance in Your Day

Today was One of Those Days. Time Went by So Fast, I’ve Been Super Busy, But In The End I Don’t Know What With. It’s time to put down on paper how to get more structure in my house.

Not only for myself but also for my children.

Rhythm in the day

When you work at home it is already important to bring structure to your day, but now that the children are at home it is even more important. A fixed rhythm in the day provides structure. Everyone knows where they stand and what needs to be done. structure and rhythm. If you don’t have this, you get bogged down in unnecessary things you do and there are often too many distractions.

Structure your day

Of course it is different now and you already have difficulty with structure in your day, it is even more difficult when the children are at home as is the case now. But how do you provide structure in your home:

  • Get up at the same time every weekday. This way you are never behind the times.
  • Keep an agenda, this can be a paper agenda, a bullet journal or a calendar on your phone. As long as you can keep up with your appointments.
  • Here the day starts with the boys’ schoolwork. First we look at the laptop to see what they need to do, what they need help with and what they can do themselves. The first time I sit with them and do the tasks they need help with. If they can get to work themselves, I start my day’s work rhythm.
  • Start with appointments that are fixed. I sit down at my desk and first clear the appointments from my diary.
  • Choose to do recurring tasks as many fixed days and times as possible. I do my own shopping twice a week, always on fixed days.
  • Handle your email at fixed times of the day.
  • Take enough breaks. Make sure you have a healthy lunch and also really take a break. After this you can get back to business as usual.
  • Plan your relaxation and sports. Every day I exercise at home with the Nintendo Switch ( Ring Fit Adventure) I do this when one of my children needs my laptop for school.
  • And -during the week- go to bed on time, so that you also get enough rest.

Adjust this schedule

You can of course customize this outfit to your own desires. Do you like to exercise in the morning? Then plan accordingly.

If you work very well in the evening, start your day differently. Find structure in the day that works for you ( and currently the other people in the house as well). And do you really want some time to yourself, to have a quiet cup of coffee? For the kids, check out the (free) YouTube channel SimpelSamenSpell TV! at.

Here they can play and explore and you have some time for yourself!

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