Feefit- Tea Brand for Your Health

Tea Brand for Your Health

One of the goals or TeaFit is to reduce the consumption of sugar drinks, by offering tasty and healthy alternatives.

The Creation of Theefit

In 2015 (After Long Research) Theefit was launched, an online store that broughtt together teas and herbs with unique and healthy Properties with Knowledge and Love for Health and Tea. With one of the goals of reducing the consumption of sugary drinks by offering tasty and healthy alternatives. As a Healthy alternative, they have created a special tea blend that is naturally sweet and healthy, but contains no calories and caffeine!

Tea is Healthy

After all, Tea is the Healthiest Drink there is. It Contains No Calories, So It Can Be Drunk Throughhout The Day. Tea is full of antioxidants and minerals that contribute to good health.

AT Tea.NL You Will Find A Large Collection of Healthy Teas. Yellow Tea, Green Tea, Herbal Tea, Soft Ceylon Tea, As Well as Sweet White Tea or Fresh -Spicy Blend. There is a flavor for everyone.

Me And Tea

I am a real tea freak. Drink It Throughhout the Day and Especiate Green Tea and Herbal Tea. I prefer to drink loose tea because I personally find the taste more intense.

I REAXLY ENJOYED TRYING THE TEA FROM TEEEFIT. When I Returned From Vacation There Was A Package In The Bus with Two Beautifully Packaged Leaf Teas. Tea with the cute names wizzy wobble and sparkly amber.

These names alone will make you long for a cup of tea. But these are not the only fun names you can find in the shop.

Among Others You Will Find here; Bamboo Jungle, Sweet Dreams or Healthy Herbs.

Wizzy Wobble

Wizzy Wobble is a delicious spicy blend full of flavor, meean to give you nice boost at any time of the day. Different Flavors or Vanilla, Ginger and Sweet Cinnamon Dance Across Your Tongue With Every Sip. Wizzy Wobble is a Little Crazy, But Super Tasty!

The Following Spices Are Found in Wizzy Wobble Tea: Ginger, Nutmeg, Coriander, Cinnamon, Sweet Blackberry Leaf, Rosa Pepper, Sunflower Blossom and Natural Aroma.

When I was drinking the tea it was very cold outside and in the house, I was wearing a thick sweater and this tea totally fit in with that. Because of the nutmeg, ginger and cinnamon this is really a child or ‘ Winter Tea ’ In Terms of Taste. Very Flavorful, Due to the Strength Different Spices.

After One Cup You Want More.

This Tea Costs € 4.65 for 50 grams

Sparkly Amber

Sparkly Amber is a weird yellow tea with a fresh and full of mellow flavor. The Unique Nature and High Quality of this Yellow Tea Honors The Premium Line of Tea Fit and Is Truly To Be Enjoyed.

Yellow Tea is relatively unknown as it is only produced in 4 provinces of China. This is because making yellow tea is a very diffult and time-consuming process.

The Tea Contains: Yellow Tea

There is a bit of a ‘ heavy Taste ’ to this tea. You must love this. It's Not A Mild Herbal Tea Flavor So To Speak.

Since I Never Drink Yellow Tea Before, This Taste was new to me.

I Found the Full Flavor Tasty and Surprising. You really have the idea ’ Tea ’ drink.

€ 10.95 for 50 grams.

Nice Extras ’ S

Super Fun and Information are the Directions on the Site on how to best store, how to brew it and the healthyfacts described with the tea. As a tea freak I am excited about this tea and will definitely try the other flavors as well. Drinking Tea From Theefit is a treat in itself!

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