Crazy but also educational toys

Cool but also educational toys

Finding cool toys for the little guy. I love it. It's even more fun when you see that your toddler learns something from it too. Personally, I don't think it's necessary for toys, by definition, to be educational but it does add value.

Our favorite toy at the moment is the construction toy. These building materials stimulate the imagination, give lots of fun and are also educational toys. All for the price of one. Handy anyway? ­čśë


Until over three years ago, I worked in childcare for several years. At the BSO group we had a very large box of wooden laths, Kapla. Children of all ages were always busy with this.

Filling up the window, building towers, cubicles for the plastic animals etc. I was always amazed to see how such a simple bar gave hours of fun. Since the little man here also likes to build with blocks, I thought it would be fun to buy him a box of Kapla.

Like almost every beautiful wooden toy, Kapla is not cheap. At the moment you can however Kapla purchase with 20% discount . So I immediately ordered a nice box and gee what a success it is! The toddler made a beautiful tower of it in no time.

Together we made a ship and now he makes bridges on his own. Very cool to see him gain the insight to make a sturdy tower so quickly. Then he also finds it very cool to kick the tower full throttle. Ok, it's a boy for that. (Mom then tries not to get frustrated with the huge amount of slats all over the room.) Hugely educational but above all it guarantees hours of fun for young and old alike.



educational toys

This toy also falls into the category of construction material. Smartmax I discovered a year and a half ago at a nice toy store in the village. The little man was one and a half at the time and immediately started playing with it.

Smartmax consists of plastic sticks and loose balls. Both are magnetic so you can connect them all together. When our little man was a toddler he could already play with these. Because it is magnetic he was able to connect the brightly colored rods, at random, to each other.

Throwing the balls was fun too. Although mom thought that was not such a good idea because these magnetic balls can hit pretty hard. Now the little boy is three years old and he can already make nice constructions out of them.

The nice thing about Smartmax is that you can easily add to it. You can get small addition boxes starting at eight euros. Especially handy around the birthday and December months.

Smartmax even comes in a special girls variant with flowers that you can click on the magnetic parts. You can also build cars'and houses. Besides just being fun toys, it is also good for developing spatial awareness and motor skills.

Definitely worth a look if you are looking for a fun gift for young and old alike. You can also find Smartmax at or in the better toy stores.

What toys appeal to your kids? Perhaps you have some cool tips for our little man!

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