Support stockings while running No more tired legs

Support stockings while running, No more tired legs

By the word support stockings, you quickly think of the elderly lady with varicose veins. And then put on those brown stockings. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Support stockings are hip. They are worn by runners, travelers, people in care and come in different colors and with fun motifs. Don't be ashamed and just wear them if this is necessary.

Support stockings

Butik21 is the online specialist in compression stockings and foot products. When you hear the word support stockings, you quickly think of those thick brown stockings that the older lady used to wear. However, support stockings are used much more, think of people who sit a lot for work, athletes, travelers, people in care and pregnant women.

Some reasons to use compression stockings on a daily basis:

  • You sit still for a large part of the day (e.g. an office job)
  • You stand and/or walk a lot during the day (e.g. you work as a hairdresser/hairdresser or nurse)
  • You notice tired, achy and/or swollen legs at the end of the day/ ’evening
  • If varicose veins run in your family and you want to prevent them
  • If you already have small varicose veins and want to prevent them from getting worse

With the many trendy colors you can buy nowadays, it is no problem at all to wear compression stockings.

sports compression stockings

I use compression stockings when running, beautiful striking purple stockings. Using compression stockings during exercise stimulates blood circulation in the legs and makes your legs feel less tired after exercise. But I also never cramp up while running anymore. I personally find them ideal, although it definitely takes some getting used to (especially since it is a lot warmer while running)

Pressure on your calves

The stockings feel very comfortable. When I put them on I immediately felt the pressure around my calves, this felt nice, not annoying. So the socks are marked L and R and there are no seams in them. Because of this you won't have double seams in your sports shoes.While running I found the stockings comfortable, they do not pinch, but give support and this felt very good.

I had no cramp in my calves and no muscle pain afterwards.. These socks cost €29.99.

Curious about compression stockings: Click here for these products

What compression stockings stand for:

  • Better blood flow
  • Help prevent injuries
  • Less risk of cramping in your calves, Achilles tendons and ankles
  • Beautiful design and a real trend among runners and walkers
  • Comfortable

foot pad

When I'm not doing sports and therefore not wearing sneakers, I always walk in heels. When I walk for a long time, I do get tired feet at some point. At Butik21 they also have a solution for this. The silicone insole is ideal for wearing in pumps, They give support to your front feet This insole is ideal if you need extra support under the forefoot. The gel cushion relieves pain that often occurs after a long day of standing or walking.

Made of a translucent, shock-absorbing silicone gel that is self-adhesive so the soles stay firmly in place. The transparent material makes the product extremely suitable for wearing in open shoes. The product is very popular among ladies who often wear pumps and get sore forefeet because of the high heel.

An outcome

I find them a godsend, you stick them in your shoe and it seems like you‘re walking on clouds’. No matter how high the pumps are, I no longer get pain in my feet. I also tried them out in open shoes, but even here you can't see anything of the insoles.

The silicone insoles cost €4.99.

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