Brushing teeth in children

Brushing children’s teeth – tips

Until how old do you keep brushing kids’ teeth? Until when is it just to keep doing this and tips regarding proper tooth brushing.

Take children with you

Children can soon go to the dentist, who also looks at the children in the mouth. Not only does this teach the children who the dentist is and what they do, but the dentist also checks the baby teeth right away. Our oldest was diagnosed with cheese teeth

The Children’s Dentist

We were referred to the children’s dentist. We go here every three months, one time to the dentist and the other time to the dental hygienist. We have also been to the orthodontist twice now, the last time she said she wants to wait another year before he gets braces.

Brush your own teeth

At the children’s dentist, our son’s teeth are monitored very closely, but until what age do you actually keep brushing children’s teeth?

Brushing with a toothbrush with a timer

Recently it was time for a new toothbrush and I got lucky because the Oral-B Pro 2500 Cross Action was on sale. This toothbrush gives off a signal every thirty seconds so you know to move to the next quadrant to brush. After two minutes you will hear a sound and know that the two minutes are over.

This is very stimulating and because of the fast movement of the toothbrush you really notice that your teeth are cleaner.

Tips for brushing your teeth

  • Keep brushing teeth after until children are ten years old (or in our case, even longer)
  • brush twice a day for 2 minutes
  • as soon as children can brush, they can also brush with an electric toothbrush (brushing with an electric toothbrush is not better but can contribute to the motivation to take good care of teeth).)
  • Choose a toothpaste with fluoride. Fluoride strengthens the enamel.
  • For children up to 4 years there are special toddler toothpastes. This contains less fluoride. Use fluoride adult toothpaste for children 5 years and older. You can also use toothpaste that says “child” or “junior” on it. Then always look at the age indicated with this (e.g. 5-12 years old).

How to brush children’s teeth?

Place the toothbrush directly on the teeth. Brush gently and make short horizontal movements. This way you brush away the harmful plaque. If you follow a set order, you will teach your child to brush systematically.

This way there is less chance of skipping spots. Always brush along the gum line. Start at the back of the molars and go through the teeth to the molars on the other side. Take your time. The same applies to brushing with an electric brush.

You just don’t have to brush yourself. Move the brush slowly over the teeth. Always brush after your child uses an electric toothbrush too.

Brush in a set order according to the 3 B’s: Binside, Bout side and Bfurnace side.

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