Playing in the bath with Lilliputiens

Playing in the bath with Lilliputiens

Playing in bath. It's part of our daily evening ritual. Eat, play and watch TV for a while, play in the bath and then go to bed. Sometimes the children take a quick bath together but most of the time we take our time.

We have quite a large basket of bath toys in the bathroom and we got to add a cool set from Lilliputiens to it.

Playing in the bath with Lilliputiens

Every night is bath time with us. When the Little Man Takes A Bath He Throws The Whole Basket Empty In The Bathtub. Empty Shampoo Bottles, Boats, A Turtle, Trays, Everything is Thrown Into The Tub. Then he has to add to it himself and it's up to me to clean up the law stuff. The Little Girl Likes It Too.

She also Likes to Empty the Whole Basket Before Taking a Bath. Luckily She is Still Very Small and I Can Still Control the Mess There.

From Lilliputiens We Received a Very Nice Set of Bath Toys That Made Both Kids Very Happy. The basket is now just a fuller but lilliputiens' Bathing Boats are now preferred so that saves a lot of tidying up.

Bath Boats From Lilliputiens

Lilliputiens is A Belgian Brand, founded in 1995 by Two Friends. Together with a Team of Mothers, They Develop Fun Toys With A Surprise Effect. All products appeal to the imagination and every toy is suitable from birth.

I eSpeciate like the latter because it allows all the children in your family to play with the products.

Playing in the Bath with Lilliputiens

We Received the Bath Boats And They Made My Little Girl Very Happy. After Unpacking They Were Quickly Played with Dry. The Boats Have Nice Colors And Are Made Of Soft Material WHICH IS PERFECT FOR A BABY. ’ In The Evening In The Bath The Real Testing Could Start.

The Little Girl Especally Enjoyed Eating the Boats. Well, that comes with age. Luckily The Boats Are Designed for Small Children So It Didn't Hurt At All.

Playing in the Bath with Lilliputiens

Then It was the Little Man's Turn. He secretly liked the bath boats too. He soon discovered that the little boats could also be used as strainers.

Very fun to your sister with that or just make a shower of it yourself.

What do your kids play with in the bath?


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