Home Entertainment- A Trampoline in The Backyard

Home Entertainment – A Trampoline in the Backyard

Home Entertainment, That's fine with a trampoline in the backyard, but it has to be safe. Because althegh playing outside is supposed to be fun, or course accident do happen sometimes, eSpecial Jumping on the Trampoline. But How to Ensure This Safety?

Safety and Playing Outside


SafetyNL started the 'Risky Play' Campaign A Few Years Ago. In It the Organization Gives Advice On Safer Trampoline Jumping, Among Other Things. For Example, it is preferable to dig in the trampoline, make sure there is Enough Free Space Around and Above the Playground Equipment, and There Should Preferential Be Loose or Grass Around It.

Because home entertainment with a trampoline is fun, but it has to be safe.

Children and Exercise

Jumping or Jumping is Popular Home Entertainment Among Children. Jumping is an exciting activity. It's also an official competitive sport.

Trampolining is more than jumping up and down. Screws, Somersaults and Spins As High As Possible. By Jumping on a trampoline you learn to coordinate and control your muscles.

The Sense of Balance is Refined.

Safety and trampolines

Yet, eSpecany with Home Trampolines, A Lot Goes Wrong. Many Injuries are caused by defective trampolines. These include defects Such as incomplete safety markings, a cushion that is not big enough or a safety net that is too low and can just come loose.

They do not meet European Safety Standards.

Injury In Trampoline Accidents

Accordance to Safety.and many children need to be treated after a trampoline accident. In Half The Cases The Injury was Serious. Most Injuries Are Fractures to the Wist, Collarbone and Ankle, But ten percent Involved Brain Injuries.

Safety Net and a trampoline

Kids Fall Off The Trampline or Crash Their Heads Into Each Other. In many Cases this is because you start jumping at the same time with the risk that a Havier Child Will More or Less Catapult the Other Child. A Strong Safety Net Should Prevent the Child from Falling from A Height.

Buried Trampolines Have No Height Difference and Are Therefore A Safer.

Different Types

They come in All Shapes: A Round, Oval and Rectangular Trampoline. Most of the Ones at Private Gardens Are The Upright Trampolines. A Safe Trampoline Requires at Least An Obstacle-Free Zone of At Least 2.5 meters.

A Soft Surface Such As Grass Or Rubber Tiles Prevents Injuries If Children Do Fall the Wrong Way. For Example, You Can Buy A Strong Grass Seed Special Designed for Children who Like To Romp Around. This is Stronger Than An Ornamental Grass Seed.
Trampolines are good for fitness, strength and coordination. Where it goes wrong is when a lot of kids get on the trampoline at the same time. Always Supervise Jumping Children and Set the Minimum AS Six Years Old.

Get a Decent Trampoline and Check It Regularly for Safety.

Home Entertainment But Safe.

Again, a trampoline is in The Garden. Our Younst Son is Jumping on this every day for a long time, for him this is also real home entertainment. We have also a safety neat around the trampoline and the boys know that I only allow them to Jump on a trampoline if it has a safety neat around it, because here too, safety above all counts! Even more home entertainment in The Garden?

How about a hammock from Hammock World in the Backyard?

If that Doesn't Provide Entertainment, Relaxation and Rest, and not Just for the Kids for Once!

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